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I am a graphic designer from Bandung, Indonesia. Currently Living and studying in The Hague.

Group exhibitions
2016 - Sexy Times - Sexyland, Amsterdam
2016 - Somewhere in Between Fiction & Future - De Besturing, The Hague
2017 - The Gallery Divine - Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2017 - Electro Library - Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2017 - City Displacement Tour - Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2018 - Models for Humanity - The future of Human Rights according to 49 young designers

2015 - Lost and found , Amsterdam
2015 - Royal Chess Club , Stroom, The Hague
2018 - City For Sale? , Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Tools for spacing out


Audio and Riso print(cover)

A project about tools to celebrate spacing out. Based on a research that spacing out can help the growth of creativity, reduce stress level and helped to visualize future planning Me, Sissel and Mariam collaborated to make a couple of tools to facilitate if we want to space out. In one of the objects, I recorded sounds and noises and compose them to 3 tracks that can help you to space out and of course design the graphics.



Video and A1 print

It started as an exploration of aesthetic. I was trying to achieve what is visually beautiful at that time. I was curious about combining different elements such as noises and textures with smooth surfaced geometric 3d objects. The first result was an A1 poster. With the poster as a starting point I continued with making a short video that reflect the initial idea.

Illustrated book about fame


Illustration book

An illustrated metaphore about fame

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer



For a typesetting exercise I used a public domain text that was written by Mark Twain in 1876.

Fire as a tool for cencorship


Publication and video

A publication about cencorship. Pages that were in the research process but not related in the end are cencored. I also presented this book alongside a video installation.

Henry Rollins interview publication


Poster and book

Using an interview transcription of Henry Rollins by Kevin Wells I designed a publication and a poster that is functioning as the sleeve cover of the book.

City Displacement Tour


Bus tour, Posters, Flyers

'City Displacement' is one of the five public programmes presented within the 'Mentality-No Style’ project in the context of the 100 Years of the De Stijl/Mondrian year event. A project organised by students of the Royal Academy of Art together with the municipality of The Hague. Transformation of urban areas in The Hague are increasingly associated with gentrification. This means the process whereby a neighbourhood or district is upgraded in social, cultural and economic terms by attracting captital-rich new residents, thereby pushing out the lower classes. I was working together with Peter Van Langen on this project.

photos: Lana Arnoldus

Indonesia in color



A project about Indonesia with colors as theme.

3 primary colored posters

Primary colors and grey

Color conflict sound installation

Coloring exploited landscapes

Other visuals



Here are some more projects :)

Screenprinted poster design made with coding

Poster for an exhibition at Royal Academy Of Arts The Hague

Mural for mom at The Gallery Divine - Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Interactive poster